Organizing tasks with the new Task Manager application

Oct 03 2013

The Task Manager application offers users the ability to create, assign and follow tasks right from the wiki using a shared task list.
Built using App Within Minutes, the new Task Manager application will be automatically listed in the XWiki Applications panel as soon as you install it. The application homepage, linked from the Applications panel, lists all the existing tasks. The livetable allows you to see your team members' tasks, priorities and deadlines.
With the Task Manager application you can easily create new tasks, assign, follow and share them. You can set priorities and due dates. This way you know who is working on what tasks and by when.
Each task has its own page. To start adding tasks, click on "Add New Entry" from the application homepage. 

The Applications panel

The Task Manager application homepage

A task can be easily edited by clicking the "Edit" button at the top of the page, just like you would do with any other wiki page. As an XWiki user you'll find the application is intuitive and easy to use.

A task page in view mode

The application also has an Administration section.

The Administration section

Try it out

You can easily install the Task Manager application on your wiki by following these installation instructions.

New to XWiki?

Try out XWiki and the Task Manager application by creating a free cloud wiki and manually installing the application.

You can also check out the extensions wiki for more cool applications.