New XWiki Interface

Nov 02 2005

Last week was released the new XWiki interface. I spend quite a lot of time implementing this new interface which was designed thanks to the comments of many users of XWiki. I wanted to thank all people who gave me feedback about the previous look and feel. 

Most changes have been to the "feel" part I believe. Other changes have been to better handle the behavior of browsers when the content overflows. 

For this and other design tricks, some web sites where of great help:

I'd like also to thank the developpers of Firefox, the Web Developer Toolbar and especially the DOM Inspector which allows to understand precisely what's going on with your CSS rules. 

I'd like in contrast to not thank Microsoft for the horrible bugs I had to work around in Microsoft Internet Explorer. I'm thinking especially about this ">br /<" tag I had in my content that made IE6 crash (it took me about 1 hour to remove the HTML tag by tag to find the source of the problem) or the "position: relative" CSS directive that I cannot put for blocks of content if I don't want the drop down menu to show behind the content instead of on top of the content, or finally about the many unimplemented directives of CSS2.

It was really time to Take Back the Web.