The New XWiki T-Shirts Are In Town!

Jul 28 2008

I have not been blogging in here for the last 2 months, mainly because of a surge in our activity of late : new stable versions of 2 of our solutions came out : XWiki Enterprise 1.5 & XWiki Watch 1.0, I spent some time on holiday (coming back with an awesome elastic gun : office wars are about to rage again !) and our new t-shirts got in at last.

The elastic gun ready for action :

We chose to make 2 versions of the shirts : a polo with our logo on the back, to be delivered to all employees for use in corporate events (such as conferences) and a community one (the motto was chosen by popular vote of the company staff).

The "serious" edition of the shirt - ready to be delivered to all employees :

Our community t-shirts are waiting in the backroom :

A close-up of the community t-shirt logo :

We'll start sending them out to our customers and community members soon !