News from the Wiki3.0 project

May 19 2011

News from the Wiki3.0 project

XWiki, together with the INRIA SCORE Team and Mandriva are collaborating in the context of the Wiki3.0 whose goal is to develop a next generation collaboration platform that integrates real-time editing and interactions, social-networking features, and that will take advantage of cloud infrastructures. 

The final outcome of the Wiki 3.0 project is to deliver a solution that will greatly ehnance the productivity in terms of knowledge exchange and creation. This solution will consist of an enhanced version of the XWiki platform that will include real-time collaboration and social-network-oriented features.

There has been some progress lately on the product which has brought some interesting features, namely realtime editing, new activity stream and user status updates, dashboards and workspaces.

Realtime editing allows one or more users to collaborate, at the same time on the same document. This nice video will show you what it looks like:

Wiki3.0 Realtime Editing Technology from osterg on Vimeo.

New activity stream and user status updates allow users to publish status messages. Users can also create "networks" by "following" other users and display their activities (and status updates) in dedicated activity streams.
Dashboards allow users to visually organize gagdets in a layout in order to better organise information coming from different sources. These features have already been released in XWiki 3.0 (

Finally Workspaces allow users to create and manage "collaboration spaces" that user can join or be invited to. A workspace implicitly define a network of users interested in a given topic and provide all the tools for ehnancing members interaction (e.g., blogs, activity streams, etc.) 

The current prototype is available on Github at the following address: