OW2Con 2014

Nov 17 2014

Like in 2013, this year, the OW2con took place in Orange labs in Paris for a lot of interesting presentations about Open Source in France. There were speakers from last year who came to explain to us the evolution of their projects.

There were also new speakers with new projects and well-known actors in software engineering such as Microsoft and Jean-Baptiste Kempf (lead developer of VLC).  

XWiki was there too for 2 presentations. 

Ludovic Dubost gave an interesting presentation about financing Open Source project, based on his 10 years experience.
Caleb James DeLisle demonstrated CryptPad, a secure real-time web document editor based on the ChainPad technology which was developed for real-time WYSIWYG in XWiki. 

This conference was also an occasion for XWiki to attend a work meeting for the RISCOSS project with all the partners.