Making Office Content Accessible In The Wiki

Apr 12 2011

One of the things users love most about XWiki is being able to access office content from the wiki.

The office importer allows users to import office documents like word documents, spread sheets and presentations into wiki pages easily. Existing office documents are converted into wiki pages which you can further edit using the wysiwyg or wiki editor. You can read one of our previous posts to learn more about how to use the office importer and how to do mass imports for more than one document. 



The office document viewer is another great tool which allows you to copy/paste office content inside wiki pages and make it accessible without downloading or importing the content.


Using our office preview feature you can see what an attached office document looks like straight from the attachments tab by clicking the eye button.


If you prefer working directly in Microsoft Word, XWiki has a solution for this as well. Simply create your content in Microsoft Word and add it to the wiki at a later time using XOffice.

To try them out create a free account on XWiki Cloud or download and set up XWiki Open Source.