Office Warming and the RNTL Project

Feb 07 2007

So, here we are! We have about 60 people confirmed for tonight office warming (exact count thanks to Marie Une Invitation Service). I guess that people back in Paris must be busy preparing everything in the office (I wonder what it will look like!). Almost all the team will be there, with Marta and Sergiu who came from Romania for the week and Laurent, up from Agen. It sounds like Marta and Sergiu were glad to meet all the team for the first time!

On the serious side, we are holding an event today to help all stakeholders in the XWiki Concerto Project coordinate themselves and get ready to collaborate together. I guess we will be using a wiki to this aim, which will be an interesting experiment in how to organize a complex research project involving numerous actors. Indeed, we will be working with Telecom Paris,Mandriva, the INRIA and the EISTI. Watch out for more news on the topic!

For those who missed my previous post on the project, XWiki Concerto is about : 

* Building a peer-to-peer wiki which will be faster and more secure than a wiki hosted on usual servers. * Allowing a greater number of work possibilities (such as the ability to use XWiki offline, on a PDA, on a phone...).

Given the rise in popularity of tools such as Blackberrys and PDAs (think about the buzz around the iPhone coming out, too), this project will be an interesting experiment in how to let highly mobile people keep in touch with their office more effectively. The peer-to-peer side looks really promising too, with the potential for a network that will be more stable and way faster. Adding an offline work feature will be enjoyable too!

If you want to come and see us tonight, our new adress is: 10, Rue Pernety 75014 Paris FRANCE. Be there by 7pm!