On Wikipatterns

Feb 21 2007


Started by Atlassian new wiki evangelist Stewart Mader, Wikipatterns is a really interesting initiative. Its aim is to provide a set of ... patterns dealing with the adoption of wikis inside enterprises. The website has already received praise as wells as criticism in the blogosphere and seems on its way to generate new sets of useful information. The next step is: "how can these tools be best used ?"

Creating and implementing a corporate wiki is an important decision, and all useful tips help in the process. Choosing a wiki software is an important issue to begin with. We are providing wiki solutions that answer specific needs on top of XWiki. See for instance our Competitive Watch Solution or the work we have been doing for competitiveness cluster (Cap Digital website based on XWiki). With XWiki, we are developing tools that will make your wiki experience a success. Coupled with some great tips from Wikipatterns, this orientation makes setting up a corporate wiki easier than with a "generic" wiki.