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Feb 04 2015

XWiki at the FOSDEM 2015

Last weekend (January 31 - February 1), the XWiki team participated in the FOSDEM 2015 event, in Brussels (Belgium). It was a great opportunity to meet the different Open Source communities, to share ideas and collaborate.


We attended conferences, we were volunteers, and also spent quality time together enjoying the Belgian dishes and beers. Of course, we also shared some XWiki goodies (notebooks, stickers, pens).


FOSDEM is the biggest Open Source event in Europe and moreover, with free access, it gathers every year a huge number of participants. We estimate that this year the number of participants was between 5000 and 8000 attendees, based on the number of the unique MAC addresses.


Jan 09 2015

XWiki at FOSDEM 2015

XWiki SAS is pleased to announce that a part of the team will be participating in FOSDEM 2015, in Brussels (Belgium).

FOSDEM is the biggest Open Source event in Europe, where communities can meet, share ideas and collaborate. It is renowned for being highly developer-oriented and brings together 5000+ geeks from all over the world.

FOSDEM is free to attend. There is no registration. Just turn up! 

Dec 02 2014

Latest news from the XWiki community (November 2014)

Because our community is important, we have decided that each month we will be sharing some news from the XWiki community. To start we would like to mention several events:

  • Bug fixing day: in November, there were 4 Bug Fixing Days (the latest one was held on November 28). The goal of these special days is to have the maximum number of XWiki committers and contributors work together on a focused topic for the day.
    58 bugs (33 real fixes) were closed;
  • XWiki 6.3 was released and is now available. This release provides a great stabilization of the Flamingo Skin, and includes other improvements that are presented in the release notes;
  • For two days (Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2014) XWiki community members were present at the Design Jam event in Iasi, Romania. They presented the design process inside open communities.

See you next month!

Apr 23 2014

Working With Jira in XWiki

XWiki provides the best way to organize information, while using JIRA you can capture and organize issues for your projects in an easy manner. The JIRA macro offers the possibility to get JIRA issues directly into XWiki. With this extension you get the best of both worlds in order to better follow your team activity on projects and foster collaboration.

XWiki users don't need to leave the wiki to see what's happening on JIRA. Using the macro you can keep your team updated and easily produce reports of issues, with your choice of included fields and field ordering. The information fetched from the JIRA server may be displayed as a table, list or enumeration. You can also specify the fields you want to display for each JIRA ticket, choosing from a variety of fields, such as: summary, key, type, status, assignee, reporter, created, updated, resolved, fixVersion, component, votes, resolution, link and version.

JIRA Macro as a table, using defaults 

JIRA Macro as a list, using defaults 

JIRA Macro as an enumeration, using defaults 

Try it out

You can easily install the JIRA macro using the Extension Manager.

New to XWiki?

Download XWiki to try out the JIRA macro. You can also check out the extensions wiki for more cool macros and applications.

Feb 13 2014

Open Source Iasi

open-source-iasi-logo.pngAfter our participation at FOSDEM, a part of the team in Iasi got involved in organizing the first edition of "Open Source Iași" along with Andreea Popescu (Mozilla Rep and XWiki employee) and Professor Sabin Buraga from the Faculty of Computer Science Iași.

The event will take place on Saturday, March 15, starting with 9.00 a.m. at Chopin Hall, located inside the Iași Palas Mall.

The aim of this event is to inform participants about Open Source and Free software in general. More particularly we will present how we interact with Open Source at XWiki. During the event, three presentations will be held by us (out of a total of 12 presentations):

  • "Developing the XWiki software" (Marius Dumitru Florea)
  • "How to get involved in Mozilla and XWiki" (Andreea Popescu)
  • "The Bookmarklet Application" (Flavius Olaru)

You may read the full list of presenters on the dedicated blog.

The entrance and the participation to this event are free, so, if you are in Iași we hope you will join us at the Open Source event.

Feb 05 2014


XWiki at the FOSDEM 2014!

XWiki's 2014 Events Season started with the participation in FOSDEM, the biggest free Open Source event in Europe, where communities can meet, share ideas and collaborate.

The XWiki SAS team, from both the Paris and Iasi offices, was present for 2 days in Brussels on February 1st and 2nd. We participated in a Wikis Developer Room where the discussions were centered around new features, compatibility and integration with other tools and services, lessons learned from deployments, surveys, research and development, and cross-project collaboration.


The presentations in the Wikis Developer Room started with a comparison between the MediaWiki, TWiki and XWiki communities.
Vincent Massol then had an intervention on the following topic: "XWiki Rendering: a content rendering engine".


Marius Florea had a presentation about “Developing the XWiki software” and also talked about the XWiki special days, with an emphasis on the weekly Bug fixing day (every Thursday), the day during which the XWiki Community is invited to close as many bugs as possible.

Ludovic Dubost demonstrated “5 unexpected usages of wikis”

1. Use structured data
2. Create PDF Books
3. Manage a Menu Wiki Style
4. Develop Wiki Style
5. Create a presentation


Vincent Massol talked about “A web development runtime platform based in the wiki paradigm” , after which Anca Luca explained how XWiki can adapt to different needs (“Addressing the long tail of applications”).


Given this was an open event with free access, the number of participants is unknown, but we do know there were 8333 unique MAC addresses (over 2 days) and more than 445 speakers! So we can estimate that there were between 5.500 et 10.000 participants.


FOSDEM offered a great opportunity to meet other actors in the Open Source community and provided the perfect platform for information exchange.

Jan 31 2014

The Trip Planner Application

Improving team performance is one of the most important objectives of each company, with management always searching for new ways to accomplish that. One approach is organizing team buildings. Since team buildings are not happening in the office, but in an external place, there will be a lot of trip tasks that will need to be managed. To ease this work we created the Trip Planner application that provides an efficient and easy way for managing all the tasks and making sure your team is very well informed regarding the trip details.

About the app

Trip Planner is an app made with App Within Minutes that will help you organize trips for your team.


Trip Planner home page

In the app livetable you are allowed to filter the entries by:

  • trip name;
  • organizer;
  • start date;
  • end date;
  • from;
  • to;
  • participants.


The app livetable

When you add a new trip along with the fields mentioned above, the following fields can also be filled in:

  • planning (here you will select whether the trip is just an idea, hasn’t started yet, is active or is finished);
  • what to pack (it’s important that your team members to know what to pack for the trip, E.g.: in a winter trip in a mountain resort you need to inform your team to pack: a winter jacket, mountain boots, sweaters, a mountain backpack, wool socks and gloves etc.);
  • transportation (if you're traveling together to the destination, you’ll need to tell your team about means of conveyance and have a facile itinerary to get there);
  • accommodation (you need to find the best accommodation options for your team and until you settle on a final one, you can write down a few options. If there are too many options and you can't pick one, you can use the XPoll Application to make the decision.);
  • attractions (because you might not want to stay all day in the hotel talking with your team members, you can let them know about local attractions and what all of you can do when you have some free time);
  • costs (E.g.: if the trip is paid by the company, the costs are 0).


Try it out

The Trip Planner application will help you save time when organizing a team trip. You can easily install it on your wiki by following these installation instructions.

New to XWiki?

Try out XWiki and the Trip Planner application by creating a free cloud wiki and manually installing the application.

You can also check out the extensions wiki for more cool applications.

Dec 20 2013

Using the Holiday Request Application

Everyday we search for the best solutions to simplify our work, in order to gain more free time. Especially with the winter holidays approaching, when taking some holidays, we don’t want to spend our valuable time completing many papers, we want to have a simple way to do that. The Holiday Request application provides a facile way, both for the user and the manager, to request holidays and to manage the process. So, the days when you were wasting your time completing many forms are already gone.

About the application

The Holiday Request application offers users the ability to quickly request holidays and managers the opportunity to manage them in a very short time. This application is built using App Within Minutes and will be automatically listed in the XWiki Applications panel as soon as you install it. When opening the application homepage you will see a list of all the existing requests.


The Application Panel

The livetable on the Holiday Request application homepage allows you to filter the requests by:

  • Employee;
  • Start date;
  • End date;
  • Number of days;
  • Manager;
  • Office;
  • Status.

As a user

As user, you can start to add your requests by clicking the “Make a new holiday request” button. After that, you will have to fill in some fields (e.g.: start and end dates of your request) and then you can choose to click on the “Save this request and send a notification to the manager” button if you want to continue with your request or click “Cancel this request” if you don’t want to continue with the request anymore.


Click on the "Make a new holiday request" button to add a request


Make your request

As a manager

As manager, you can see the user’s request and you can choose to accept it or to refuse it. To accept or refuse a request you have to click on one of the following buttons: “Accept the request” or “Refuse the request”.


Before and after making the request, you can see the number of days that each employee has taken by clicking the “Overview” button (you will find it under the livetable).


Overview of all holiday requests

Try it out

The Holiday Request application provides a simple, yet powerful way to request holidays. You can easily install it in your wiki by following these installation instructions.

New to XWiki?

Try out XWiki and the Holiday Request application by creating a free cloud wiki and manually installing the application.

You can also check out the extensions wiki for more cool applications.

Dec 10 2013

XWiki at Winter Web Workshop

During two days, on 7th - 8th December 2013, the XWiki team got involved in the Winter Web Workshop, event organised by Mozilla in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Science Iasi, Romania.

The event started with the presentation sessions where specialists from academy and IT industry were speakers. From the XWiki team, Ecaterina Moraru opened the event talking about the concept and evolution of CSS, Andreea Popescu brought some insight on how someone can get involved and contribute in Mozilla and Ionut Maxim revealed aspects of the A/B testing for UX & CRO and decision taking process.

Their presentations are available here:

The presentations were followed by a Web Hackathon, starting from 18:00 to 12:00 next day, at which students participated with a lot of enthusiasm. 6 teams formed of 1 to 4 members proved their talent in developing several Web applications which are meant to be integrated in the Firefox Marketplace: cooking and recipes applications, greeting cards generator, games or decision maker applications.

The passion of the participants was quite obvious and admirable, mostly demonstrated by their involvement and time allocated to the projects. Based on well settled criteria, the jury awarded the teams, making the experience fulfilling for each participant.  The first prize (a mobile phone with Firefox OS) was won by a highschool student for the advanced cooking application that he developed: "", the second one for the team that created the game entitled: "Bubble battle" and the third prize for the team with one of the greeting cards generator.

The XWiki team was happy to see the results of their work and we all congratulate them for their dedication!

Let's enjoy together the testimonials and photos from the event!

Each event that I organised was different and challenging. As organiser, I see WWW as a success, but it could have been better, because there are things that can be improved every time. The atmosphere was very friendly, the information explained by speakers was very good and the participants were very interested about it - Andreea Popescu

Every time I return inside the Computer Science Faculty doors there is a special feeling I have. In my opinion this kind of events are a blessing for the students and also for the presenters. There is a level of energy coming from people that care about what they are doing and from people that always want to learn and improve themselves (even in week-ends). Mr. Buraga is a great host and the person responsible for bringing together industry and academy in the eternal search for innovation, continuous learning and discovery - Ecaterina Moraru

Dec 06 2013

XWiki supports the Open Source Initiative


The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a global non-profit corporation, founded by Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens in late February 1998, with global scope formed to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community.

Among other things, they maintain the Open Source Definition, and a list of licenses that comply with that definition.

OSI wanted to migrate to XWiki and contacted the XWiki Open Source Project to get a hosting on 

XWiki SAS then decided to offer instead a professional hosting for free in recognition of their important action for Open Source!

More about OSI: