OpenCS' Customer Space

Jul 26 2007

OpenCS has been building their website on XWiki (check their Reference on A few time ago they went further down the way of engaging their customer community, opening a community area to their customers and prospects.

The community area improves the way the company interacts with its prospect through a technical wiki as well as a lighter music area. Every week, OpenCS' Fancisco adds an extract from a song he wants to share with the company's community.

His chronicle takes the form of a blog to which he posts explanations and tips regarding OpenCS products best practices. An extract from evey song is embedded in the page through DewPlayer, a nice free, flash-based mp3 player.

The technical wiki provides customers with an overview of how OpenCS products fit together and power users with ideas on how to integrate it with other applications. Users can contribute in return to the wiki, providing others with ideas stemming from their own experience.

The News area provides readers with the latest information regarding the company, the events it participates to and the prizes it won. 

This is a great way of using XWiki to improve communication flows between the company and all its stakeholder (in the wider sense, meaning employees and customers as well). People from OpenCS get a chance to better grasp what their customers expectations are while providing them with a better level of service. Now this is a great way to create value for everybody through clever interaction.