2 XWiki newcomers this week !

Mar 08 2007

What would you do when someone whose project motto is "Wake up and deploy your wings" wants to work with you? Hints: you are a wiki provider and you firmly believe that wikis will change the way people interact and collaborate together. Here at XPertNet we immediately thought such a great opportunity could not be missed. Which is why Pascal just started to work with us.

When a talented software engineer is leading a promising initiative which may well represent the future of your activity field, you look forward to be working with him closely. This is now done since Stéphane has joined our team a few days ago. Coming from Mandriva where he was in charge of the xwiki-based Mandriva Club, his experience will be a great asset for our development team.

Launched by Pascal, Wiki-up is an initiative aiming at creating links between pupils and schools from all around the world. A great embodiment of the wiki ideal (forget time and space barriers, meet people from all over the world in one place, create communities of interest...), we are proud to power Wiki-up with our software. Giving a space for people to share their opinions and their points of views, listen to each other, meet and understand different cultures: here are some of the achievements Wiki-up is looking forward to building.

Sponsored by many prestigious institutions, Wiki-up is really the kind of projects we are glad to be involved with.

Did you know that a revolution has already started that will change the way we use internet? Every time we tag a picture or a blog post, every time we link bits of information we are adding meaning to specific items. Now with the semantic desktop revolution we will be able to enrich information while inputting it. For instance, you can type in your name and annotate it {Stéphane; category=name} : now a query such as "Whose names are on the wiki?" can be answered instantly.

This technology offers many promising developments. We are working in cooperation with Mandriva and many others on the Nepomuk project which has been awarded an european R&D grant. And by the way, their website too is based on XWiki ;-)

Pascal and Stéphane, thanks a lot for joining us and welcome on board !