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Apr 16 2014

XWiki SAS completes the acquisition of Nearbee!


XWiki SAS has acquired the main assets of Nearbee and part of its product development team.

Founded in 2007, Nearbee is specialized in cloud services for businesses, providing vertical solutions to respond to large core activity needs. The solutions offered by Nearbee are based on the XWiki Enterprise technology, which makes it perfect for the integration in XWiki SAS.

"The acquisition of this business will further strengthen XWiki SAS’s service offers to our customers." said Ludovic Dubost, the president and founder of XWiki SAS. 

To continue its fast development, XWiki SAS acquired Nearbee's key assets in early 2014.

What does this acquisition mean for XWiki?

New solutions will soon be available for our clients: Some of Nearbee's features and solutions will be integrated in our catalog. In particular, the "Franchise" and "E-learning" solutions will very soon be a part of the solutions proposed by XWiki SAS.

Our teams are currently adapting and integrating these solutions into our service catalog.

XWiki SAS, an increasingly international company

Our team is growing: we opened a subsidiary in Algeria to host Nearbee's technical experts. Six IT engineers, most of them very experienced (with over five years of development experience on the XWiki Enterprise technology), have joined our teams. They are accompanied by Nearbee's technical support manager. 

XWiki SAS has now a new office on a new continent, bringing the number of locations to three: Paris (France), Iasi (Romania) and Algiers (Algeria).

An expanded customer portfolio

In addition to the technology and Nearbee employees, we also get part of the company's client portfolio. More than a dozen of Nearbee's customers have already joined the XWiki SAS adventure and we hope that many others will also join us soon. 

XWiki SAS makes a lot of effort to ensure a seamless service continuity for customers who have already made ​​the transition to our services.

About XWiki SAS

XWiki SAS was founded in 2004 to help organizations to better organize their information. 

We are the main sponsor of the XWiki Enterprise Open Source software. The latest release of XE is the 5.4.4 version. This version brings many improvements and new features to our customers and our users in 2014! 

Among the latest improvements, XWiki Enterprise now allows you to open wikis on demand and easily install apps straight from the wiki. Discover the XWiki Enterprise software.

Mar 10 2014

Speed and Simplicity with XWiki 5.x

Today, we're happy to talk about five top features from the XWiki 5.x cycle. The mission the XWiki Open Source community set for the 5.x cycle was to improve XWiki's usage for new and regular users by working on usability and usage speed. Votes went to making XWiki simpler and faster both from a pure performance point of view and from the user interface point of view, with the final theme being summarized as speed and simplicity

Improved search experience

Having both speed and simplicity in mind, an important component of the 5.x cycle has been improving the search experience. Starting with XWiki 5.1, the default XWiki search is based on Apache Solr. The new search returns more relevant results, faster. Finding content has never been easier. The new search UI is simple and intuitive. Once you've got the results it's very easy to filter them. On the right side you have multiple filters to refine your search. You can apply them with a simple click and the results will be immediately updated.


Creating wikis straight from XWiki Enterprise

A second goal was to make the process of creating multiple wikis as simple as possible. The 5.x cycle introduces the ability to create wikis straight from XWiki Enterprise. With the Workspace Application integrated in XWiki Enterprise, it's now very easy to create new wikis without the need to install additional extensions.
A brand new wizard is now available from the "Add" menu that allows the creation of wikis.




New menu application

Ever wanted to add extra menus to your wiki, but couldn't find a simple way to achieve this? With the new menu application anyone may easily create navigation menus. Menus can be displayed either horizontally as a top bar after the page header, or vertically in a side panel. 




Improved Extension Manager

Advanced XWiki users will be happy to learn the Extension Manager has been improved in the 5.x cycle. The Extensions Manager is a feature that allows you to install, uninstall, upgrade and downgrade XWiki extensions.
The Extensions Repository and the XWiki Public Nexus Maven Repository are supported by default, so all it takes to install the needed extensions is to perform a simple search and install.


Easy Wiki upgrades using the Distribution Wizard

Starting with XWiki 4.2, the Distribution Wizard (also known as DW) was introduced as an experimental feature which helps users migrate their XWiki instances to newer versions without having to manually import the XAR (wiki pages) corresponding to their new version.
The good news is work was continued throughout the 5.x cycle, which means the DW feature is now stable and ready to use. You can upgrade your wikis when running the Distribution Wizard on the main wiki and you can also run the Distribution Wizard on each of your wikis separately. A new last step has been introduced to display all the changes made to the wiki and give the chance to do rollbacks.


Try out XWiki 5.4.4 to learn more

You can download the latest version of XWiki from and read the release notes for the full list of features developed in the 5.x cycle.

Sep 09 2013

10 features you don't want to miss in XWiki 4.X

If you haven't been reading the XWiki release notes you may have missed the improvements introduced in XWiki 4.x. We're very excited about the results of the 4.x cycle which had "ease of use" and "quality" as its main themes. 

XWiki is a powerful, extensible tool, so we wanted to pay special attention to the "App within minutes" and the "Extension Manager" features which have been packed with improvements.

1. The Extension Manager provides the easiest way to install and manage extensions right inside XWiki, straight from the administration. Starting with the 4.x cycle you can also use it to easily upgrade or downgrade extensions on your wiki.


2. One of the things you'll notice about XWiki 4.x are the many improvements in App Within Minutes, the extension that allows wiki users to create their own applications following 3 simple steps. The "Actions" column was added to the applications livetable. You can associate an icon with your custom application. You can also translate the application. A new "Applications" panel is displayed by default on the right side of the wiki, listing the current applications. The panel also contains links that allow you to easily create or install applications.


3. Starting with the 4.x cycle it is possible to hide a wiki page. This means you can decide whether the events triggered by these pages, such as creation, edit or delete, will appear in the Activity Stream. 


4. With the annotations and comments merged by default it's much easier to keep track of conversations on pages. Improvements in this area also include the ability to reply to annotations. 


5. The Activity Stream now allows you to stay informed on the changes users perform on pages.


6. The timezone can now be set directly from the user preferences page.



7. XWiki 4.x comes with new gradient Color Themes variables which can be customized from the Color Themes Wizard.


8. The User Directory look & feel can now be customized by adding additional columns to the users livetable.

9. An admin can now configure which information is displayed in the User profile (the "Profile" tab of a user's profile page). There is no longer a need to write any code to perform this task.


10. An LDAP administration interface is now provided to make it easy to configure LDAP directly from the wiki. Previously you would have had to edit the XWiki Configuration files.


It's time to try out XWiki for yourself!

Looking to upgrade?

Contact us and we'll be happy to help you upgrade your wiki to the latest recommended version. If you're a cloud user your wiki has already been upgraded to XWiki 4.5!

New to XWiki?

You can create a free cloud wiki in just a few minutes.

Aug 09 2013

Hackathon 2013

Article published on, and written by Vincent Massol.


Every year, XWiki SAS is organizing a seminar for all its employees during the summer. And every year, we take that opportunity to do a Hackathon during this seminar. This year was no exception! We started the seminar with the first hackathon session, during which the teams formed, everyone choosing what they wanted to work on and with whom. Then every day during 10 days, we worked a bit on our hackathon after the work sessions (presentations & brainstorming) and fun activities organized by XWiki SAS (this year it was a treasure hunt). Then during the last day, each team presented what they had worked on and their results.

We also engaged the community by sending a hackathon email on the devs lists and this year we were lucky to have Edo Beutler and Fabian Pichler participate!

We used the following Hackathon 2013 page to see what everyone was working on and the status.

Selected Hackathon Topics

As usual we got some great contributions:

TopicMembersAvailable at
Next level syntax highlighting and auto completionVincent, Eduard MoraruAutoCompletion App, Syntax Highlighting App
Gather and search all XWiki logs using logstash, redis, elastic search and kibanaVincent, Guillaume FenollarAvailable for (protected)
Multipage Export based on Wiki CollectionsRaluca, MariusCollection Application
Admin Tools refactoringGuillaume FenollarVersion 4.0 of Admin Tools Application
XEclipse syntax coloring, collapse, indentation for velocity,groovy,xwiki2.0 syntaxLudovic, FabioWork in progress
Clojure macro and Clojure REPL Fabio, CalebREPL Console Application
Manage all languages of a translation in one pageFlorian, NicolasNot published yet
JSON renderer (get a full model of the document wiki content as JSON to make easier to manipulate it in Javascript)Thomas Mortagne
Exploration of the Atmosphere Realtime Client/Server FrameworkDenisNot published yet (Created wiki, Created Feature and Iteration classes)GuillaumeD, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica)
Publish/Unpublish by dateEdo Beutler, Fabian PichlerPublish/Unpublish Extension
Upgrade xwiki-platform-chat to work with latest XWiki versionDenis
Timeline, using jQueryBenjamin, Flavius, Nicolas, MaxjQuery Timeline

Random Screenshots

Some random screenshots of the work achieved:


As previous years it was very fun and we got very nice results which have already found their way in the XWiki product or will find their way in the future. It's a great way to innovate.

FTR here are some previous year results:

Now let's eagerly wait for the next Hackathon!

Make sure to Join us next year!


Jul 11 2013

Our XWiki Mobile Application is out!

We are happy to announce that our mobile application is now available for iPhone and Android (this is an alpha version) device users.

It requires XWiki 4.5 and higher.

The application allows you to : 

  • Access your wiki(s)
  • Search content
  • View and browse different areas, pages, images and attachments
  • Access your XWiki applications
  • Receive notifications (in development)

xwikimobile0.png xwikimobile1.png

The mobile application is fully configurable and customizable to meet your specific needs. Contact us for more information regarding this service.

Download the application from the Apple AppStore.

When the wiki becomes a CMS

During CMSday, a very well organized Smile event, we tried to show how XWiki differs from traditional CMS and what its advantages are in different contexts. It was a rather unique presentation, combining both slides and an interview. 

Jun 28 2013

Solr is coming!

The XWiki development team has been actively developing a new search engine (based on Apache Solr) since XWiki 4.3. It's been experimental so far but we've now reached a level of quality that we think good enough to make it available to everyone. Thus we'll be making it the default search engine in XWiki 5.1.


We've decided to rewrite XWiki's search in order to offer a better search experience, especially:

  • More relevant results and extracts in search results,
  • Faceted search,
  • Better advanced searching,
  • Support for clustering,
  • Google-like searching (i.e. no need to use wildcards),
  • Better translation support,
  • Improved performances,
  • And generally speaking all the niceties provided by Apache Solr.

See for more details.

Apr 02 2013

XWiki Year In Review 2012

It's been a long time since I last wrote about XWiki SAS' and the XWiki project's achievement, back in 2009, although I have written more recently about the XWiki SAS company and its motivations.

It has been quite a ride. During this time, XWiki has become a grown-up and independent small business and we are very proud of it. 

Since 2009, XWiki has been profitable every year, while growing steadily with no external investment and improving our product and services. We're still maintaining all our software Open-Source and keeping an Open Development process. 

Product and extensions

On the product side, since 2009 we have been able to continue improving our product, allowing the "best" Open Source wiki engine to extend its use cases beyond the simple wiki principle. Since XWiki 2.0, we have released 18 major versions of XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager, which have all brought their load of innovations:

  • XWiki 2.x cycle
    • Many user interface improvements with the Color Theme Editor, new Profile UI, new Search UI
    • The new Annotations feature
    • The Activity Stream
    • Invitations
    • New Template based creation
    • Clustering
    • Preview of Office documents
  • XWiki 3.x cycle
    • Application With Minutes allowing easy application development
    • Extension Manager to install and update applications available on our extension repository
    • Workgroup spaces with XWiki Workspaces in XWiki Enteprise Manager
    • Gallery Macro and Office Presentation Viewer
    • Personalized User Dashboards
    • Many user interface improvements with the new Administration UI, Live Searches, New modern color themes
    • XWiki's move to GitHub to make it easier to contribute
  • XWiki 4.x cycle
    • More improvements in AppWithinMinutes
    • More improvements in Extension Manager with the Distribution Wizard allowing to install/upgrade an XWiki installation
    • User Profile customization and User Directory
    • LDAP Administration UI
    • Many user interface improvements like hiding technical information for non-technical users and the Application Panel and new Users and Date pickers
    • Support for templates in XWiki Enterprise Manager Workspaces allowing to create customized workspaces
    • User Interface Extensions allowing to extend the XWiki UI without modifying the XWiki Skin
    • Improvements to the XWiki REST API allowing to create better mobile or desktop clients following XWiki activity
    • Experimental new Search engine based on SOLR

Since 2009, many extensions have been published on our extensions wiki, including applications such as the Forum, FAQ, Meeting app, File Manager, Calendar, etc.

It's a huge number of improvements for XWiki, making it the "best" Open Source wiki even more and allowing XWiki to address more and more enterprise needs. 

XWiki is one of the rare fully Open Source Enterprise Web Applications with an Open development process. The company provides services to Enterprises, supports this Open Source development process and invests heavily in it. At XWiki SAS we believe it's important that we don't have different code in the software that anybody can download, from what we install and support at clients or run on our XWiki SAS Cloud. Since I created the XWiki software, and then at XWiki SAS, we have kept this, guaranteeing our users and clients freedom of choice.

Research and innovation

As part of our research and development effort, XWiki SAS also participates in Collaborative Research Projects funded by French and European public entities. These projects allow to boost the development of the XWiki Software, as well as prepare for the future by allowing us to experiment with new technologies. Since 2009, when we had already worked on a few research projects, we have had the opportunity to participate in multiple very interesting new projects:

  • Wiki 3.0: which allowed us to bring in new features already released in XWiki, like the Dashboard, Annotations, Activity Stream, as well as prepare for the future with the XWiki Real-time editing, which we are continuing to work on.
  • CompatibleOne where we participated to the OpenCloud effort to build more Open-Source and Open-Standards technologies for Cloud Computing, as well as build the XWiki for Cassandra prototype that allows to run XWiki on top of a Cassandra Database. Not all XWiki features are supported and we won't make it our default database soon, but this is probably the most advanced Wiki running on NoSQL.
  • Resilience, which will allow the building of Web Viewers and Editors that can be integrated easily in an open-standard way in Content Management Systems, including of course XWiki, and bring new features to some of the editors, including Real-time editing.
  • Streams and RiscOSS to which we contribute as partners.
  • EESC which will help integrate the XCLAMS platform underlying the Curriki and Sankoré projects with LILI, the leading open-source software for Education Numerical Environments (ENT in French) used by the major French regions.

All these projects allow us to continue to innovate on new technologies.

XWiki's adoption

On the adoption front:

  • XWiki is more and more popular. From a search query that did not yield more than 20 results, the "xwiki" query now has more than a million results on Google.
  • XWiki is a top download on OW2 with 30K downloads per month and has recently reached more than 1 million downloads.
  • Since the launch of the Extension Manager we have been able to see more and more contacts on performing extensions searches on our Extensions Repository, showing more and more active installations.
  • More and more prospects are contacting us with advanced use cases that XWiki can achieve for them, expanding what XWiki's being used for.
  • Multiple companies have been building solutions or providing services on top of the XWiki Platform in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

The company: what's new?


We have made great progress on the business front:

  • Since 2009 we have doubled our revenue and for 2013 we are getting close to surpassing the 2 M euros line. 
  • Since the beginning of XWiki we have implemented more than 400 projects for XWiki SAS clients in France, Europe and in the USA.
  • We estimate the business around XWiki from XWiki SAS, all companies building on top of the XWiki platform or companies providing services based on XWiki at over 10 M euros, more than doubled since 2009.
  • In 2012, we have been able to convince more companies that our solution is the right choice, even when compared to the number one proprietary software vendor and when the scope of work was large. Our expertise in information sharing, as well as the collaboration and the power of the XWiki Platform helped convince them.

XWiki SAS team

On the team side:

  • In 2011 we have moved our employees in Iasi, Romania to a new office, "The XWiki House", tripling our office space. In 2012 we moved our Paris office to a great building next to the Beaubourg Pompidou Center, more than doubling our office space.
  • Since 2009 we have expanded our annual seminar to 10 days. After organizing the 2009 seminar in Paris and the 2010 one in our Iasi office, we did the 2011 sessions in a great hotel in Bran, next to Dracula's Castle and the 2012 seminar in the Danube Delta. Our annual seminar has become a very important gathering of our teams from Paris and Iasi, as well as our remote workers, allowing us to set the course for the next year.
  • Since 2009 we have expanded our teams and provided more benefits to our employees, as we grew from a promising "startup" to a stable company.

XWiki's uses

XWiki's main use case is Enterprise software, allowing users to better organize and collaborate on information. There are many many companies, and a large portion of which we don't know, that use XWiki and we have implemented many projects and provided support for a large number of companies for this use case. XWiki is also used outside of Enterprises and particularly for Education.

We have been very proud to be able to work for both Curriki and Sankore, helping building Curriki and Planète Sankoré, two US and French projects which aim to facilitate the sharing, organization and collaboration on Educational Resources. In Sankoré in particular it is now possible to share the content of a class created with the Open Sankore Digital Whiteboard software with just a few clicks. 

We have also been proud to be able to help organizations such as CDLSWorld, the Community Legal Clinic, Transparency International, all international projects that help improve our society. ONGs and Open Source have many common values and goals when it comes to sharing code, knowledge or contribute to our society. These projects are of course not high revenue projects, but it is exciting for a company like ours located in Paris, France and Romania to be able to work with organizations anywhere in the world and help them achieve their goals.

In 2013

We start 2013 with a very busy first quarter, after just having sold our best quarter ever and with a very heavy workload planned for the next 4 months. This will also be a very busy sales quarter as we renew many support and hosting contracts at the beginning of the year. We are working hard on very exciting projects and continuing to improve the XWiki Products with the start of the 5.x cycle, which will bring exciting new things and many improvements that will make XWiki even easier to use. 

As the creator of the XWiki Software, I've been spending less time on the XWiki code since 2009, which I have left to Vincent Massol, our CTO, and to our committers. I'm very proud of their work since 2009 and I'm very grateful to both the XWiki SAS employees and our contributors for the energy they have put into improving XWiki. I've been spending more of my time making sure XWiki SAS sustains itself, as well as promoting XWiki and XWiki SAS' services, as I believe this is very important for XWiki's adoption and the ability to fund its development. I'm very proud of the progress we have made and of the work of our Sales, Marketing, Platform, Support and Client teams who are working hard to promote XWiki, sell our services and deliver these services to our clients.

What makes me even happier, is that we have been able to build all this with the help of our customers, partners and community, while staying faithful to our open model and to our Manifesto.

I look forward to continuing these great efforts in 2013 with the help of our community, our clients and our partners.

Ludovic Dubost
Creator of XWiki and Founder and CEO of XWiki SAS

Feb 05 2013

[PR] One million downloads for XWiki, the open source collaborative platform

XWiki SAS is pleased to announce that the XWiki open source collaborative platform passed one million downloads at the end of last year. This number marks an important milestone in the development of the software, which has been available for download on OW2 Forge since 2005, a few months after its creation by Ludovic Dubost.

Paris, February 5th, 2013

XWiki is a collaborative platform that allows users to better share and organize information. XWiki responds to various uses, such as public or private knowledge bases, project spaces for information sharing and collaborative applications.

It is part of the Top 5 most downloaded on OW2 Forge, which currently includes around 150 software solutions. Its success shows how the distribution has increased since the beginning. The software is currently deployed in all kinds of sectors (administration, insurance...) and organizations (public / private, small companies and large groups). This dynamic has been possible thanks to the commitment of the XWiki community members who have contributed to making the software better known.

"We are pleased to see that XWiki has surpassed one million downloads", said Ludovic Dubost, President and founder of XWiki SAS. "This number confirms the positioning of XWiki as an Open Source platform leader in the capitalization of information."

This event has also closed a successful year for XWiki SAS, which has seen the arrival of several prestigious customers and the release of new features. Here are some highlights:

  • Collaborations with major French Web players, such as Meetic and voyage-privé, vente-privée.
  • The company has experienced a strong growth in 2012 with a turnover that exceeded one million euros.
  • The launch of the "App Within Minutes" feature, which allows everyone (developers or not) to quickly implement applications that correspond to their specific needs.
  • The real-time collaboration launch (in a Beta version) that allows multiple users to simultaneously edit the same wiki page.

Nov 20 2012

Collaborate in realtime within XWiki Enterprise

XWiki SAS is pleased to announce a new feature, awaited by its enterprise wiki users: collaboration in real time. It is now possible for several users to edit the same page simultaneously.

XWiki Enterprise allows employees in the same company or all actors that constitute its ecosystem to easily and effectively collaborate on projects. It allows them to create knowledge, to organize and capitalize it, to make it readily accessible and shareable.

Until now, collaboration within XWiki Enterprise had been asynchronous. Each user who had to edit a document, had to wait until other users finished their modifications. Now, using the new Realtime extension things are completely different. Multiple users can view and edit a document at the same time. They can observe all changes in real time, without reloading the page. The Realtime extension is actually an additional editing mode, on top of those that are already included in the product: Wysiwyg and wiki syntax.

Here is a demo: