Aug 05 2014

The XWiki team is back home from Valea cu Pesti, Transfagarasan, where the XWiki Seminar 2014 took place!

While last year, we went for an equestrian journey, in the center of Romania, Danes, Sighisoara and two years ago, in a more excentric location, the Danube Delta, this year we chose the mountains and we held the XWiki Seminar 2014 in the Transfagaras Area, near the Vidraru lake.

What did we do this year? We spent again great time together! We had team statuses and brainstormings, discussing our accomplishments from the last Seminar and our plans for the near future. We showed our hidden artistic abilities at the XWiki's got talent event, we partied all night wearing our own favorite color. We built shelters, we sang, we created videos and we discovered the painter inside us. 

Also, we enjoyed the nice view from our rooms and the landscape from the conference room. We made photos at the Vidraru dam. We climbed over 1400 stairs to reach the Poenari Citadel and we discovered the Curtea de Arges city. The day ended with a boat trip which became really adventurous due to the weather. 

Discover through our photos the XWiki Seminar 2014!

And if you want to become an XWikier and join us next year at the Seminar, find your place in our team!