Teddy is joining the team !

Apr 18 2008

Early in 2007, I joined XWiki as a software engineer. Back then I was joining a promising, dynamic, less-than-ten-employees, french startup. 

Today, Teddy is joining XWiki. He joins a dynamic, 25-people-strong european startup. Teddy is a bright developer, passionate about cutting-edge technology, and, of course, an Open Source lover. That's one of the main reason he chose XWiki, and of why XWiki chose him.

Meet Teddy on his first morning at the Pernety office, gearing-up with the technology on its already perfect office setup :


Teddy also likes sports and has strong team spirit. Here he is wearing the XWiki outfit after the traditional-although-not-regular after-the-lunch-basketball-break : 


Like all of us software developers, Teddy will be working tightly with the XWiki Open Source community to develop and improve the next generation of our collaboration solutions.

Let's all welcome Teddy warmly, and wish him the best for his journey with XWiki !

You can see all pictures of Teddy's first day @XWiki here.

PS: And if like Teddy, you like great Open Source technology and fun at work, give a shot to our open job positions and send us a resumé !