The Trip Planner Application

Jan 31 2014

Improving team performance is one of the most important objectives of each company, with management always searching for new ways to accomplish that. One approach is organizing team buildings. Since team buildings are not happening in the office, but in an external place, there will be a lot of trip tasks that will need to be managed. To ease this work we created the Trip Planner application that provides an efficient and easy way for managing all the tasks and making sure your team is very well informed regarding the trip details.

About the app

Trip Planner is an app made with App Within Minutes that will help you organize trips for your team.


Trip Planner home page

In the app livetable you are allowed to filter the entries by:

  • trip name;
  • organizer;
  • start date;
  • end date;
  • from;
  • to;
  • participants.


The app livetable

When you add a new trip along with the fields mentioned above, the following fields can also be filled in:

  • planning (here you will select whether the trip is just an idea, hasn’t started yet, is active or is finished);
  • what to pack (it’s important that your team members to know what to pack for the trip, E.g.: in a winter trip in a mountain resort you need to inform your team to pack: a winter jacket, mountain boots, sweaters, a mountain backpack, wool socks and gloves etc.);
  • transportation (if you're traveling together to the destination, you’ll need to tell your team about means of conveyance and have a facile itinerary to get there);
  • accommodation (you need to find the best accommodation options for your team and until you settle on a final one, you can write down a few options. If there are too many options and you can't pick one, you can use the XPoll Application to make the decision.);
  • attractions (because you might not want to stay all day in the hotel talking with your team members, you can let them know about local attractions and what all of you can do when you have some free time);
  • costs (E.g.: if the trip is paid by the company, the costs are 0).


Try it out

The Trip Planner application will help you save time when organizing a team trip. You can easily install it on your wiki by following these installation instructions.

New to XWiki?

Try out XWiki and the Trip Planner application by creating a free cloud wiki and manually installing the application.

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