The Business Benefits Of Open-Source

Sep 02 2007

Open-Source has been labeled as a philosophy, a set of practices related to software development and even a theory on how best ideas can spread. I will be arguing that above all, the success of Open-Source models stems from the fact that they make perfect business sense. 

What is Open-Source about? 

For us, Open-Source is about letting people's energy flow and transform into a whole that is way more than the sum of its individual components. 

For us, Open-Source is about being bold and showing entrepreneurial spirit. 

For us, Open-Source is about freedom. 

For us, Open-Source is freedom.

And in today's world, freedom means business opportunities. People no longer want to get stuck into situations where they have to endure the lasting side-effects of a single remote poor decision. Enterprises want to be able to choose the solutions that offer the best answer to their needs and to build on them as required to get those solutions to do so. Nobody likes to be trapped into a dead-end. 

For us, Open-Source means the end of dead-ends.

We will explain why in posts to come. Stay tuned.

This article is the introduction of a series of articles about Open-Source that will be published on this blog on every monday for about 2 months. These perspectives are a reflection on what we have learnt from developing an Open-Source software.