The "I Love My Company" Race

Oct 06 2009

Last Saturday Thomas Mortagne, Thomas Éveilleau, Jean-Vincent and I took part to a running race named "J'aime mon entreprise", which translates as "I love my company" in English.


It was most of a best effort thing than anything else since we didn't really expect to win the competition. Although JV started running again on a regular basis a couple months ago and Thomas ran the Berlin marathon 2 weeks ago, we're not exactly rock-star runners.

The race is a relay between 4 runners. Each runner runs a 2km lap around a park in the south of Paris. I took the start:


I tried keeping up with the top runners but I couldn't secure any better than the 10th spot. I was left breathless by the time I passed the relay to Thomas Mortagne:


It took me a while to get back in shape (I must admit I had slept only 4 hours the prior night since I spent most of it watching the second season of Dexter):


Thomas ran his own lap slightly slower than he had run his warm-up lap because the warm-up tired him - so much for the benefits of preparation! He passed the relay to Jean-Vincent:


And fell to the ground shortly thereafter:


While JV started his own run:


JV comleted his lap in 8 minutes 20 seconds (he was the only one who was lucky enough to get timed) and stopped for some rest:


Thomas completed his lap despite suffering from a slight knee injury he sustained while completng the Berlin marathon 2 weeks ago:


He also fell to the ground for the traditional period of rest:


We didn't get to know what was our final ranking but we all had a good time running as a team. We were definitely not in the top 3 but we didn't finish last either.

Running the race earned us the right to go and spend the afternoon at the Auquaboulevard, a large waterpark: