The XWiki Lamp at Iasi Office

Aug 21 2013

The XWiki Iasi Team is happy to have a brand new homemade XWiki lamp at the office!


In April 2012 the Paris team built the XWiki Lamp and now, it was the XWiki Iasi Team's turn to create one. Full of enthusiasm and positive thoughts, the team gathered at the office willing to make the most of this activity.

Guided by what was done at the Paris office, the XWiki Iasi Team started to collaboratively work together in shaping what has become the XWiki Iasi Lamp. All our creativity was employed for two evenings: the team had to use the hot iron to glue the edges of the wooden board, cut the exterior edges with a knife, take measurements and draw center points, diagonals, position the small parts of the X arms, make holes and check the LED colors. Setting up the wiring for the LEDs was quite a challenge, but the team managed to successfully finish the lamp while having plenty of fun.

As pictures say more than words, we invite you to take a look at how the building of the lamp went in the XWiki Iasi Office!