This Is How We Work

Jan 16 2007

I spent Christmas at home, back in Paris and spent some time helping everybody during our office moving. For a few days I had the opportunity to work "the usual way", that is, in an office with other employees working around me. Ok, maybe not exactly "the usual way", for in most businesses people do not talk to their neighbours through messenger, but still. </br>

Where it becomes really interesting is when you start thinking about this : although I live in London, Nicolas in Amiens, Laurent in Agen, Nam in Hanoi, Sergiu and Martha in Iasi and the rest of the team scattered across Paris, we are able to work together quite efficiently. I did not fully understood how powerful this solution was until I realized that being in the office did not actually help me increase my prodictivity. Clearly it is pretty easy to ask your question to the people next to you, but instant messenging is quite straightforward too. </br>

Documents are shared instantly through our Intranet XWiki, which we use as a repository for all the information the comapny needs to perform its business activities. When Roy joined us, he created a section to summarize the steps a newcomer were to expect when joining XWiki. When Stéphane found news about another wiki solution developing a project competing with the one he is currently working on, he added a page to write its findings about it. And given it is possible to set up a RSS feed to be kept informed of the appearance of any specific keyword on our intranet, everybody is able to fine-tune the way he receive information from it. </br>

Add e-mails for external communication (on top of a XWiki for collaborative project develoment with our customers), and you are close from the model tomorrow's SMEs will follow. I can't help thinking that 5 to 10 years ago, I would not even have been able to find out what XPertNet was - let alone think about working with them ! XWiki lets us structure information on the go, and this is what makes it so powerful for us. I already knew it, but going back to Paris really made me realize so. </br>

Guillaume </br>

By the way, we are proud to announce that Curriki, the initiative launched to offer free learning resources, now counts more than 20,000 members ! And the best is, improvements are currently under the hood...