10 features you don't want to miss in XWiki 4.X

Sep 09 2013

If you haven't been reading the XWiki release notes you may have missed the improvements introduced in XWiki 4.x. We're very excited about the results of the 4.x cycle which had "ease of use" and "quality" as its main themes. 

XWiki is a powerful, extensible tool, so we wanted to pay special attention to the "App within minutes" and the "Extension Manager" features which have been packed with improvements.

1. The Extension Manager provides the easiest way to install and manage extensions right inside XWiki, straight from the administration. Starting with the 4.x cycle you can also use it to easily upgrade or downgrade extensions on your wiki.


2. One of the things you'll notice about XWiki 4.x are the many improvements in App Within Minutes, the extension that allows wiki users to create their own applications following 3 simple steps. The "Actions" column was added to the applications livetable. You can associate an icon with your custom application. You can also translate the application. A new "Applications" panel is displayed by default on the right side of the wiki, listing the current applications. The panel also contains links that allow you to easily create or install applications.


3. Starting with the 4.x cycle it is possible to hide a wiki page. This means you can decide whether the events triggered by these pages, such as creation, edit or delete, will appear in the Activity Stream. 


4. With the annotations and comments merged by default it's much easier to keep track of conversations on pages. Improvements in this area also include the ability to reply to annotations. 


5. The Activity Stream now allows you to stay informed on the changes users perform on pages.


6. The timezone can now be set directly from the user preferences page.



7. XWiki 4.x comes with new gradient Color Themes variables which can be customized from the Color Themes Wizard.


8. The User Directory look & feel can now be customized by adding additional columns to the users livetable.

9. An admin can now configure which information is displayed in the User profile (the "Profile" tab of a user's profile page). There is no longer a need to write any code to perform this task.


10. An LDAP administration interface is now provided to make it easy to configure LDAP directly from the wiki. Previously you would have had to edit the XWiki Configuration files.


It's time to try out XWiki for yourself!

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