What If There's More Than One Wiki ?

Jul 31 2008

Many companies have started using wikis to foster collaboration within their departments. Actually, lots of them have done so and enjoyed great benefits from wiki-based collaborative work ever since. Wikis are sometimes so seuccessful that companies turn out to be willing to use more than only one wiki. 

What happens next can often be assimilated to an IT Admin nightmare : various kind of wiki software popping up all around the place, each using its own user management system (coupled with the company's LDAP servers only on the best of cases). Users are not in a better position : the proliferation of wikis provokes confusion and sometimes leads to frustration for users who do not know which wiki they're supposed to use.

Here at XWiki, we're taking the needs of enterprises (and especially large ones) really seriously (which is why we're offering awesome professional support). That's why we've been providing an answer to those issues for a while. Our solution is called XWiki Enterprise Manager and it provides your IT department with the ability to create and manage new wikis from a central location.

A screenshot of the XWiki Enterprise Manager we're using on our Open-Source Community Wiki Farm :

Thanks to XWiki Enterprise Manager, all your sysadmin has to do is to setup a central instance of the software, configure it to plug into your company's LDAP server and... well, that's pretty much it ! You can now create as many wikis as you want, and users will be able to log into them using their usual credentials. When creating a new wiki, the sysadmin does not need to tackle DB and webserver configuration yet again and, even better, he can choose the new from a set of wiki templates. For instance, you could have a wiki configured to be used as a FAQ and another as a blogging platform. Creating a new wiki of either type would be a matter of clicks !

XWiki Enterprise Manager currently works for creating new instances of XWiki Enterprise, our professional enterprise wiki solution and we're working on making it work for XWiki Workspaces as well. If you're willing to make more than one wiki work in your company, XWiki Enterprise Manager is definitely the software you've been looking for !