What's Your Perfect Office Setup ?

Apr 14 2008

Thos of you who are following me on Twitter (@wikibc) know I've recentl moved to my own flat. That's greatly thanks to XWiki, I owe you guys a lot :-) I wrote my fisrt post back in December 2006, and since then I've written around 75 posts (that's approximately how many times my name appeared on the blog space index page, feel free to count by yourself ;-)), both in English & French

A favorable setting is key to writing, and I feel like I've striken quite a good balance over here in my new place. Here's how I've setup my personal effectiveness & productivity space (read, my desktop) : 

I've found the combination of my laptop and a 19" screen to be a good fit. Having 2 screens really helps improving personal productivity, that's something I'd recommend to anyone willing to gain a number of minutes every day. I find myself constantly juggling between my trackpad and a proper mouse, the mac trackpad (specifically the 2-digits scroll feature) definitely has its advantages but it can get tiring to use it for long periods of time. The iPhone's there in order for me to test our prototype of iPhone skin for XWiki - more on this in a latter post. Plus let's not forget the paper notepad - more relevant than ever in the ever-connected internet era !

On the configuration side, I re-used an old Windows laptop that I setup with a VNC config I use thru the Chicken of the VNC client. Laggin' a bit, but that's all I need to perform software testing under IE6 & IE7 (many thanks to multiple IEs !!). The router I use is my beloved freebox (even though it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to setup its router features yesterday.)

Add up a number of ethernet cables, an external hard-drive for backups, a USB TV tuner and you're pretty much done. Technology's cool, especially when it helps you work better and more effectively :-) So, what's your perfect office setup ?