Working With Jira in XWiki

Apr 23 2014

XWiki provides the best way to organize information, while using JIRA you can capture and organize issues for your projects in an easy manner. The JIRA macro offers the possibility to get JIRA issues directly into XWiki. With this extension you get the best of both worlds in order to better follow your team activity on projects and foster collaboration.

XWiki users don't need to leave the wiki to see what's happening on JIRA. Using the macro you can keep your team updated and easily produce reports of issues, with your choice of included fields and field ordering. The information fetched from the JIRA server may be displayed as a table, list or enumeration. You can also specify the fields you want to display for each JIRA ticket, choosing from a variety of fields, such as: summary, key, type, status, assignee, reporter, created, updated, resolved, fixVersion, component, votes, resolution, link and version.

JIRA Macro as a table, using defaults 

JIRA Macro as a list, using defaults 

JIRA Macro as an enumeration, using defaults 

Try it out

You can easily install the JIRA macro using the Extension Manager.

New to XWiki?

Download XWiki to try out the JIRA macro. You can also check out the extensions wiki for more cool macros and applications.