X-Mas Tree 2013 at XWiki Iasi Office

Dec 16 2013

The whole XWiki Iasi office is very happy to welcome our star at the office: it's green, sparkly and makes people happy. No, it's not Vampire Hulk (he was not available despite our calls), it's the Iasi Christmas Tree! The whole team started the celebration by listening to some classical Christmas carols, as well as some more modern carols, setting up the mood for the actual event, which was over before you could say "The best way to organize information" thanks to our teamwork. 

Don't believe us? We have pictures to prove it:

And if the pictures aren't proof enough, here's a video to showing just how awesome it is to be at the XWiki Iasi office during the Winter Holidays (coffee might have been involved):

We're now eagerly waiting for Santa as we're sure we've been good boys and girls this year, so we hope coals won't be wrapped under our tree anytime soon!

XWiki X-Mas messenger,