XPertNet Is Moving !

Jan 08 2007

XPertNet is moving its office ! After more than a year and a half spent at the ENST Incubator, we are moving to our new Paris office on wednesday. We now have 15 team members working on XWiki Solutions around the world, 9 of them in Paris and this new space will suit our recent growth. 

The other reason why we had to move is that the 6-months contract with the ENST Incubator can be renewed only twice, and we already did. During these 18 months we moved from a promising seed to a rapidly expanding software solutions company developing the leading Open-Source Second Generation Wiki. This would have no been possible without the support we received from the school.

The latest example of the collaboration between XPertNet and the ENST is XWiki Concerto. The XWiki Concerto Project has 2 major aims :

  • Building a peer-to-peer wiki that faster and more secure than wiki hosted on usual servers
  • Allowing a greater number of work possibilities (such as the ability to use XWiki offline, on a PDA, on a phone...).

XPertNet and the ENST are partners on this research project (Mandriva, the INRIA and the EISTI are involved too). Thanks to Ludovic's contacts at the incubator, he was able to get in touch with ENST laboratories and find the right person the day after he tried to contact them. From then on they won the RNTL support for the project. For the record, the joint proposition was written using XWiki to coordinate all involved parties.

This is why we would like to thank the ENST for the support they provided us with since we started working 37, rue Dareau. Although it is now time for us to move along, we are glad we have been working with them. 

Now that our new offices are ready, when are you coming to see us ?

By the way, our new adress is :

10, Rue Pernety  75014 Paris FRANCE