The XPoll Application

Jan 21 2014

Taking decisions is not simple, especially when you have a lot of options. The decision making process is difficult when asking employees to choose between the different options. Luckily, you can use the XPoll Application to facilitate decision making.

About the application

The XPoll Application is similar to Doodle, the famous app which can be used for example so you and your friends can express your opinions and vote on your next holiday destination. Using the XPoll Application you can have more than a single choice. So, if you prefer two or three items in the poll (depending on the number of options), you can select them.

The XPoll Application comes with a simple to use interface, which is great, since you can quickly create a poll. You will find the application listed in the Spaces macro on the wiki homepage.
The livetable on the XPoll Application homepage allows you to filter the polls by Name, Status and Winner. If you're the manager, on the right of your livetable you will find the Actions column, so if you want to Edit or to Delete a poll, you can do so from the livetable.

XPoll app - Entries.png

How to make a poll

After you open the XPoll Application, on the right side you will see a panel called Actions. Click "Add a new entry". Write a name, click the green “plus” button and proceed to filling in the fields: Name, Description, Status and Proposals. After you have filled in the fields, click the "Save & View" button to finish creating your poll.

XPoll - multiple choice.png

Try it out

The XPoll Application helps you to very quickly make a poll. You can easily install it on your wiki by following these installation instructions.

New to XWiki?

Try out XWiki and the XPoll Application by creating a free cloud wiki and manually installing the application.

You can also check out the extensions wiki for more cool applications.