XWiki 10 Years

Dec 13 2013

Happy 10 years XWiki !

10 years ago, in 2003, after a few weeks of experimenting to create XWiki, the first commit of XWiki was done on December 15th.
This started the longest ride of my professional career which is still ongoing.

With the help of all employees in France and Romania (and in some other places around the world), of all our customers, of all our users and contributors, also of some friends and people we met during all these years, we have brought XWiki to a place I'm really proud of.

I won't go much into all the progress and all the things we achieved in these 10 years (you can find a glimpse of it from the beginning of this year on our blog and on our Timeline page.
It's been a lot of sweat and a lot of efforts with some downtimes but way more uptimes and great moments. The result is worth every one of it.

I want thank all the people that helped us during this ride. We would not be there without you.

I will also look forward to see all the great things we can achieve in the next 10 years.

During our party yesterday, we wrote a bit (with humor) on our board where XWiki would be in 10 years. See the result:


Thanks also to our organizers of the parties in Paris and Iasi, particularly Benjamin, Diana, Miruna, Moncef and thanks to all our visitors that came share this important moment with us.