XWiki Enterprise 2.2 is out

Feb 17 2010

We are happy to introduce the latest version of XWiki Enterprise, our professional Open Source wiki. XWiki Enterprise 2.2 includes a lot of User Interface improvements. The following is a quick tour of the biggest changes.

New Profile & WatchList UI

Our redesigned profile, with the new tab based display, allows you to:

  • Modify your profile details
  • Set your profile preferences
  • Manage your watchlist



To accommodate these changes we: 

  • Use inline-based editing for modifying profile details
  • Converted to XWiki Syntax 2.0
  • Modified the Administrator menu.


New Registration page

On the newly improved registration page:

  • Captchas can now be displayed for spam prevention
  • All fields are checked as the user types
  • After the registration all you have to do is click "Login" and you may start using your account


New XAR Import UI

The XAR import interface has been completely revamped.


UI for Deleted documents & attachments

Two new tabs have been introduced in the wiki's Document Index:

  • Deleted Documents
  • Deleted Attachments



New Menu in Edit mode

The different edition modes that used to be in a separate Panel are now in a new edit menu.


Comments UI improvements

You can now preview comments before submitting them.



There is also the possibility to edit your comments at a later time.


XWiki Enterprise brings many other improvements worth mentioning. Since all these won't fit in the space of a blog post, we recommend you check out the Release Notes and download XWiki Enterprise 2.2 to see for yourself all the new cool things it has to offer.