XWiki at November Web 2009

Nov 24 2009

November Web used to be a workshop organized in Iasi by the Faculty of Computer Science between 2001-2007 for the web geeks. The first time I heard about it I was in my first year and eager to find out what was all the buzz about. Sadly, I did not attend any of the cult editions while I was a student. The workshop was interrupted in 2008 and every web geek was prepared to yet again shed a tear this time of year.

Fortunately, Adi Mironescu was not ready to let go and I was lucky to receive an invitation among my fellow XWikiers to attend this year's revitalized edition. The talks were a mix between business (Marius Deak from GreenPixel on 100 tips to make it through the crisis, Marius Ursache from Grapefruit on The games the brands play in Social Media) and technology (the XWiki presentation by Anca Luca on Collaborative Web Applications the wiki way, Laurian Gridinoc from KMI, Dr. Sabin Buraga on the Semantic Social Web).

People were curious about XWiki and offered useful feedback. We also debated upon the eternal "Mac vs PC" and found out why GreenPixel isn't Vodafone's social web guardian anymore. All in all, a Saturday well spent.

If you missed Anca's talk, here is the XWiki presentation:

Oana, Web Developer