XWiki and Open Cloud: the good, the bad and the ugly

Nov 29 2010

Here are the presentation Ludovic Dubost gave at the OW2 Annual Conference, last week, at La Cantine. It was about Open Cloud and collaboration. Here is the summary of this presentation:

Moving applications to the cloud creates many challenges for users: Does the application fit my need? Is it easy to use? Can I customize it? Are my data secure? How can I move away from my cloud provider with my data and still use them efficiently? These questions are particularly important in the Collaboration Space and when working on Business Critical Information. All collaboration applications need to be closely adapted to the company's processes. Once your collaboration tool grows in usage, you might need to take back control or change cloud provider. XWiki's collaboration solution is a perfect match for the Open Cloud. This session proposes 1) to go through the key aspects of open cloud collaboration, 2) to focus especially on the development features of XWiki which allows extensibility right in the cloud, 3) to explore the ways developers can directly online participate in the development of the solution (by creating and integrating applications) and for users to access easily to an open and innovative space.

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Here is the presentation itself. 

You can also have a look at the video: