XWiki at FOSDEM 2011

Feb 21 2011

As every year since 2008 (at least – that's when I started going), part of the XWiki team was at FOSDEM, in Bruxelles, on 5th and 6th of February, to meet with the Open Source community and socialize in the open spirit.

This year the gang was made of me (Anca), Oana, Ludovic and Jerome. We mostly hanged out in the Mozilla devroom, getting fresh news from our favourite browser, except for Jerome who stayed closer to the bits, following the Embedded track. We also got teased by some very interesting projects in the Lightning Talks room, a great place to hang out while at FOSDEM, since it offers a very good and rich overview of what's moving in the Open Source world.

We had our own Lightning Talk on Sunday afternoon, about the annotations system in XWiki, seasoned with a demo of all the cool things that annotations (and XWiki in general) can do. You can find the presentation on SlideShare but the video below shows it all (the video is also available for download on the FOSDEM website).

We also attended the keynotes, in the huge Janson room, packed with geeks. Here's a picture (from Oana), for a glimpse of how that feels:


All these, along with a great dinner on Saturday night with @OlivierSeres and @jacopogio made it a very nice FOSDEM, this year as well. Special thanks to the FOSDEM team (and all volunteers) for organizing the event and for encoding it all in bits for eternity.

Since it's very unlikely that the tradition stops here, we'll see you next year at FOSDEM to geek together!

And don't forget, write an XWiki extension, publish it on extensions.xwiki.org, mail us and get a T-Shirt!