Creating wikis has just gotten easier

Oct 01 2013

One of my favorite things about XWiki is how I can easily extend the wiki to meet different needs. But one use case that couldn't be very easily achieved so far was starting with a basic version of XWiki Enterprise and later deciding to add more wikis to accommodate evolving needs.

Luckily simplicity is one of the main themes for the XWiki Enterprise 5.x cycle. The upcoming 5.2 release introduces the ability to create wikis straight from XWiki Enterprise. With the Workspace Application integrated in XWiki Enterprise, it's very simple to create new wikis without the need to install additional extensions. So depending on your collaboration needs and the complexity of your projects you may use just the main wiki or create a set of wikis.

"Wikis" in the main wiki Administration & the new "Create Wiki" right

A new section has been added to the administration of the main wiki. From this area you can enable the wiki creation feature. The section also manages who has the right to create new wikis.

New wiki creation wizard

A brand new wizard that allows the creation of wikis is now available from the "Add" menu.

New "Home" menu

The main wiki, the first wiki you have when starting a new instance of XWiki, is now called "Home". Once you have created multiple wikis, you will also start seeing the new "Home" menu.
The Home menu as it appears on the main wiki.
 The Home menu on a different wiki, in this case the Marketing wiki.

Support stopped for XWiki Enterprise Manager

With the ability to create wikis by default in XWiki Enterprise, the support of XWiki Enterprise Manager has been stopped starting with the 5.2M2 release. The old use case of creating wikis in a farm is still possible by installing the Wiki Manager UI manually through the Extensions Manager. Stay tuned for the 5.3 release when this use case will also be integrated in the default distribution.

Only a few days left before you can try it out!

The new 5.2 final is being release this week, so to try it out make sure you visit the download page in a few days. If you can't wait for the final release before testing the new integration, you may also download the 5.2 Release Candidate.