Introducing XWiki 5.2

Oct 09 2013

We are happy to announce XWiki 5.2 has been released yesterday. The full list of features is detailed in the release notes. Now let's take a look at three of these features:

1. The ability to create wikis straight from XWiki Enterprise

You may remember we've already talked about this last week. With the Workspace Application integrated in XWiki Enterprise, it's very simple to create new wikis without the need to install additional extensions. So depending on your collaboration needs and the complexity of your projects you may use just the main wiki or create a set of wikis. 

  • A new section has been added to the administration of the main wiki and a new right to create wikis.

    The Wikis Administration section

  • A wizard that allows the creation of wikis is now available from the "Add" menu.

    The Add Menu

  • A new "Home" menu has been added

     The Home menu on the Marketing wiki

With the ability to create wikis by default in XWiki Enterprise, the support of XWiki Enterprise Manager has been stopped starting with the 5.2M2 release. More information is available in last week's blog post about the integration.

2. Solr-based search suggest

Starting with this version the search suggest feature takes into account the configured search engine. As a result, the search suggest feature is now using Solr by default. The search suggest administration section has also been improved and the source creation form has been simplified.

The Search Suggest

The Search Suggest administration section

3. New step to upgrade all wikis in the Distribution Wizard

A new step has been added to the Distribution Wizard to update the default set of wiki pages on each of the existing wikis. This step is triggered only if you choose to upgrade the entire farm in the "Upgrade Mode" step.

Distribution Wizard: Step 3

Try it out!

We've only talked about three features from the XWiki 5.2 release, so for the full list of features make sure you visit the release notes. By trying out the release you'll also notice a lot of bug fixes (135) and many improvements (50).