XWiki And Curriki In The International Herald Tribune

Nov 27 2007

The IHT has a great article on Curriki, an innovative e-learning platform developed on top of XWiki. I already blogged about Curriki some time ago. Since then, the website has been undergoing continuous improvement as a course manual creator has been released. Says the article:

~They can also use its online tools, built by Sun and a French open-source company called XWiki, to share resources with others, write a textbook or build a curriculum out of content available on the site, which is so far available in English and Hindi.~

XWiki was chosen by Scott McNealy & Sun Microsystems thanks to its unique combination of Java technology, Open-Source & advanced features. They made XWiki the perfect platform to build Curriki upon, catering for easy information sharing, simple content creation and great user interaction at the same time.

Read the full article here

the IHT article is also available in spanish.