XWiki @ Javaone 2008

Apr 11 2008

XWiki will be at Javaone 2008 @ the Moscone Center in San Francisco !

Come and meet us right here :

Hum, actually getting inside the Moscone Center would be even better. We'll be on the OW2 stand, along with pals from eXo, Bull and a bunch of other French Open-Source companies (by the way, the OW2 website is built using XWiki.)

We'll be showcasing our full product range. Wanna get a demo of XWiki Workspaces ? Then SF is the place to be from May 6-9 !

Ludovic (our CEO) & Vincent (our CTO) will be there with me. We'll be staying a few days after the conference ends so we may organize an informal XWiki meetup during that time. We're looking forward seeing you guys over there ;-)