XWiki At The eLearning Forum

Jan 29 2007

Curriki is one of the most advanced projects built on XWiki. We are glad to be presenting about it at the iLearning conference in Paris starting this week. 

In a few words, Curriki is about providing an online platform where teachers can share course documents and pupils get access to free educational material. The website is the extension of the GELC initiative (Global Education & Learning Community) and is backed by Sun's CEO Scott McNealy. If you want to find out more, just come and watch our presentation.

XPertNet engineers (and Jeremi Joslin specifically) have been working hard to develop a solution that would meet the expectations of GELC members. The website is taking off on a good start, with more than 20,000 members already registered. Did you say "scalability" ? And the best is yet to come, with an online editor built entirely in AJAX that will let teachers create their own course books from available materials.

XWiki has been an Open-Source project since it started and we are glad to be associated with this project which embodies XWiki's values. Because definitely no child should be restricted from access to education, we are proud to write down this equation: 

Curriki + XWiki : Free Your Knowledge.