XWiki December Day 2014

Dec 23 2014

2014 was a year full of challenges and accomplishments and what better way to celebrate than having a dedicated XWiki Day when all the team gets together? So, WE MADE IT HAPPEN!

The XWiki December Day was the day when the XWiki France, Romania and Algeria teams had the opportunity to virtually spend a whole day together. Enhancing the winter holidays spirit, we tried to value as much as possible this day, expressing in the same time our thankfulness and sharing of any kind: Thankfulness to the people that contributed to what XWiki is now and that continuously show their involvement and dedication & sharing of ideas, knowledge, gifts and moments.

We enthusiastically started our day with the "XWiki Global" session, where Ludovic Dubost, Founder and CEO of XWiki, together with Guillaume Lerouge, Director of Sales and Marketing, presented the recent news concerning the company and the current status of the sales, followed by a discussion between the team members on these topics. 

We continued our day with the All Hands Meeting led by Vincent Massol - the "Roadmap/ Brainstorming for XWiki 7.x": with the Open Source spirit, every team member was coming with proposals for improving the XWiki product, discussing and voting on what we should focus on for the next period and outlining the priorities.

In the end, we focused on creating memorable moments that certainly will stay with us for a long time, we enjoyed the gifts that we received from Secret Santa and the XWiki Dinner, which this year gathered the XWikiers of each office, in the same time.

If next year you want to share the same moments with us, check out our openings and find your right place in the XWiki team!

Until then, Merry X-Mas to all of you and a Happy New Year!