XWiki.com upgraded to XWiki 0.9.981

Nov 02 2005

It's been a long time with no post. We have been very busy working on the XWiki code, especially thanks to the Google Summer of Code projects.

So we have upgraded the XWiki.com server to the new XWiki version (it will be released soon on xwiki.org).

This version contains a lot of bug fixing (especially it solves an annoying problem when taking too long to type a blog article), but also some new features. 

Among these new features there is support for SVG Graphics (a new plugin we coded with a client during a training), JFreeChart Charting (thanks to Sergiu and his Google Summer of Code project), support for Backlinks (which is not activated yet) , many performance and stability improvements, and many other "under the hood" changes which will allow great new advanced stuff.

We will have some demos for the new features in the next few weeks. More importantly with this version, we will continue the work on integrating the Google Summer of Code features, including a WYSIWYG Editor and also start working on the new User Interface (some news later on this).