XWiki now has Flickr Integration

Nov 17 2004

Thanks to Thomas Nicholls from the Toulouse Wiki, we now have Flickr Integration in XWiki. For those who don't know Flickr, it's a really cool service for uploading photos on the Internet. With this integration, you can use Flickr to store the photos and XWiki to display them.

With a very simple syntax, you can show your latest photos of your Flickr account or only those with a specific tag or even those of all users matching a specific tag.

To use it use the following instructions 

\#flickruser("76372220@N00") (this is a user ID, you can find your Flickr user ID in the RSS feed URL Flickr is creating for your photos).
\#flickrusertag("76372220@N00" "cat")

See some examples with Toulouse or cats