Using XWiki For Competitive Watch

Feb 15 2007

In a typical tech-savvy company, every employee uses its own RSS Reader. Whether it is an online or offline, proprietary or Open-Source reader, it will have a specific characteristic: everybody will have its own. This means that everyone has its own blend of news mixed altogether, but that nobody really shares it with others. In the best-case scenario, there will be some place where your staff will be able to write about important competitors news . And we all know the fate of best-case scenarios in the business world: if there is no incentive, there is no scenario at all.

Now XWiki for Competitive Watch changes all this. First, there is our reader:

XWiki's Innovative RSS Reader

it is an online reader, so you can access it at any time, from any place. More important, it is shared between the team members you chose. Every time an user reads a feed, he can mark it as important by clicking on the star next to it or delete if it is of no interest. He can read a preview of the feed directly in the reader, which saves time and helps keeping only the relevant feeds on the list. What's more, every authorized user can add or suggest new feeds to watch so that you always get data from the latest source of information available.

And the best is yet to come: the potential coming along with XWiki's integration. Until now, relevant information was mainly stored in your staff heads. That is extremely important, but it also means that ther is no shared body of knowledge on your competitors available.

Now with XWiki you can create a page for every of your competitors and add relevant information as it comes in the RSS Reader. A relevant headline? Just cut and paste it on the corresponding page. A new product laucnh? Instantly update the right page or create it if it does not exist yet.

The result? A constantly up-to-date encyclopedia of your news about your competitors and your market. Everytime you need specific information about one of them, the only thing you have to do is to go to its page and read the summary of your team's insights on its situation. With our solution for Competitve Watch, you will never feel out of touch again.

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