XWiki Joins the Cap Digital (IMVN) Competitiveness Cluster

Jan 25 2006

The Cap Digital (previously know as IMVN - Image Multimédia et Vie Numérique) competitiveness cluster is one of the more than 60 competitiveness clusters launched by the French government in 2005 to drive regional innovation through tripartite R&D projets involving industry, SME's and learning and research institutions. Cap Digital is focused on digital image technologies and has wide support from the television and publishing industry as well as innovative technology based startups like XWiki. They currently have a French language blog here although this may change as soon as the cluster sets up its web site. XWiki plans to take an active part in the research and business development projects that will emerge from this effort through specific proposals. We would also be very happy to talk to partners interested in using the XWiki platform as a component for their project work products, their web sites, or collaborative workspace.