[PR] One million downloads for XWiki, the open source collaborative platform

Feb 05 2013

XWiki SAS is pleased to announce that the XWiki open source collaborative platform passed one million downloads at the end of last year. This number marks an important milestone in the development of the software, which has been available for download on OW2 Forge since 2005, a few months after its creation by Ludovic Dubost.

Paris, February 5th, 2013

XWiki is a collaborative platform that allows users to better share and organize information. XWiki responds to various uses, such as public or private knowledge bases, project spaces for information sharing and collaborative applications.

It is part of the Top 5 most downloaded on OW2 Forge, which currently includes around 150 software solutions. Its success shows how the distribution has increased since the beginning. The software is currently deployed in all kinds of sectors (administration, insurance...) and organizations (public / private, small companies and large groups). This dynamic has been possible thanks to the commitment of the XWiki community members who have contributed to making the software better known.

"We are pleased to see that XWiki has surpassed one million downloads", said Ludovic Dubost, President and founder of XWiki SAS. "This number confirms the positioning of XWiki as an Open Source platform leader in the capitalization of information."

This event has also closed a successful year for XWiki SAS, which has seen the arrival of several prestigious customers and the release of new features. Here are some highlights:

  • Collaborations with major French Web players, such as Meetic and voyage-privé, vente-privée.
  • The company has experienced a strong growth in 2012 with a turnover that exceeded one million euros.
  • The launch of the "App Within Minutes" feature, which allows everyone (developers or not) to quickly implement applications that correspond to their specific needs.
  • The real-time collaboration launch (in a Beta version) that allows multiple users to simultaneously edit the same wiki page.