XWiki SAS supports the Open Innovation Network

Oct 25 2012

The Open Innovation Network (OIN) was founded by Red Hat, IBM, Sony, NEC, Philips and Novell in 2005 to support the Linux System and every organization that builds or uses Linux-related technology. The cornerstone of OIN is a community of over 450 projects and companies. This community creates a Linux System patent-aggression "no fly zone" between its members. Everyone inside it pledges not to use Linux patents aggressively against each other. 

XWiki SAS is not directly concerned by this, as we don't have any patents and we are not part of the Linux ecosystem, except as users. However, we strongly support the principles of non-aggression displayed in the Community Agreement we have signed.

It is important to note that the software patents acquired by the OIN are only American. Software patents do not exist in France. We believe that this is a very good thing and that it should continue (the EUPAT working group, the FFII (French Chapter of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure), argue in this sense as well) for various reasons. One of them is explained by Tristan Nitot in one of his lastest articles "Le brevet logiciel, cette plaie pour l'innovation". He gives the example of "Vlingo", a startup that failed in a legal battle to a rival and finally closed its doors.