XWiki Open Source 3.0 Released

Apr 18 2011

We are happy to talk to you today about the XWiki Open Source 3.0 release. A lot of new features have been added to your favorite wiki. To name a few:

  • User status
  • Visual editor for the dashboard
  • Gallery macro and office presentation viewer
  • PDF export improvements
  • A redesign of the administration application
  • Administration section for the WYSIWYG editor
  • A new interface for changing a user's avatar
  • Live suggestions for search
  • Color theme improvements

User Status

The user status allows you to easily share information with other people across the wiki. You get to decide whether you share status updates with everyone, your followers or only with a selected user or group. Want to ask your team's opinion about a project you've been working on? Nothing easier! Just type in your status, select Group from the Visible to dropdown, type in your group's name (e.g. Marketing) and click share. The user status also provides a great way to see what other people are saying. You don't need to check what everyone's sharing. Instead you can follow users and make sure you only see those updates that are relevant to you.


Visual Editor for the Dashboard

Ever thought about changing a dashboard but didn't really know where to start? With the new visual editor each element on your wiki dashboard represents a gadget, making the dashboard fully customizable. By editing the page inline you can easily add more columns to your dashboard and add or remove gadgets to your liking. You can move things around the dashboard simply by dragging a gadget from its current place and dropping it in the new location. You can also edit the individual gadgets. So for example if you are displaying an RSS feed, you can customize it so that you only see the most recent item or 10 of the most recent items. Similarly you can choose to see full posts or just their titles. It's up to you how you customize the gadgets on your dashboard. This new feature can be used to create and modify wiki dashboards, including for the wiki homepage and space home.


Gallery macro and office presentation viewer

Previous XWiki releases already allowed you to view images and office presentations inside wiki pages. The new Gallery Macro helps you create galleries where images are displayed using a slide-show view. What's more, you can use this macro to display slides in an office presentation.


A redesign of the administration application

The administration application has been redesigned and comes with a new layout and new icons.


Administration section for the WYSIWYG editor

The WYSIWYG content editor can now be easily configured from the wiki administration. This option is available in the WYSIWYG Editor section under the Applications menu.


Live suggestions for search

The 3.0 release introduces the search suggest feature for the search box. The proposed suggestions come from sources that you can configure from the Administration UI.


Much more

Check out the release notes or better yet download XWiki Open Source to learn about all the other features, including the new interface for changing a user's avatar and improvements brought to the PDF exporter and Color Themes.