XWiki Partner Program Goes Live

Nov 12 2007

As an open source company XWiki operates differently than many commercial software entities. A lot of that can be attributed to trust. 

You see, we trust in our contributors to help shape and evolve XWiki into the platform they envision, which later becomes the driving force behind the products we create. 

In return, our contributors trust that we will respect their time and efforts and work tirelessly to grow XWiki into the phenomenal platform it not only is, but continues to become. 

We also trust in our clients to believe in our ability and commitment to putting their interests first no matter what, and in return our clients trust us to do just that.

And now XWiki has another group of people we are asking to trust us, our sales partners. 

XWiki is pleased to announce that we are opening up a comprehensive partner program to select consultants, vendors, and systems integrators in an effort to expand our software and service offerings to the US. 

To learn more about XWiki's partner program you can go to http://www.xwiki.com/xwiki/bin/view/Partners/ for more information.