XWiki, here I am !

Dec 13 2006

Welcome, and thanks for being there ! I am Guillaume, a Business Student living in London this year. I will try to blog here about such topics as what is happening at XWiki : what is our team up to, who is arriving...

I started writing about corporate wikis a few months ago on my blog (@ WikiBC). In the process I came across XWiki, the second generation wiki. I soon got in contact with their team, and we had interesting discussions about what could be done with wikis.

Hence it was a logical step when I started working with them. I did so about a month ago, and I am really glad to be here. The wiki industry is fast-paced and booming, and XWiki has all the qualities to make the most out of this trend.

This blog has been somewhat deserted during the last few months, but this does not reflect XWiki's rythm in the meanwhile. In fact, we have been so busy that we basically lacked time to update it ! Hopefully this will be changing soon emoticon_wink