XWiki in Sri-Lanka

Nov 24 2008

Asiri, by Asiri


Hello Everyone!

I'm Asiri Rathnayake from Kurunegala, Sri-Lanka. Presently I'm working on the XWiki's new WebDAV server implementation.

I'm a graduate from University Of Moratuwa, Srilanka where I specialized in Computer Science & Engineering. My favourite subjects include Theory of Computing, Compiler Theory, Programming Languages and Operating Systems. Also, as of today I'm conducting lectures on Operating Systems (Assistant Lecturer) at the same university.

How I got to know XWiki is through Google Summer of Code 2007. Actually, I wasn't part of GSoC 2007 but started working with one of my friends who was selected for GSoC 2007. Together we developed the initial versions of XEclipse which has now turned into a great application / plugin. Then again in 2008 I officially got selected for GSoC where I developed the initial version of the current WebDAV implementation.

I enjoy solving challenging problems, and I'm really enthusiastic about Software Architecture and Design Patterns. When I look at my code and realize that it looks like a nicely built solid concrete structure, I feel a sense of satisfaction that is really hard to explain. Above all, I feel very bad when my code start to smell... it's really difficult to go to sleep on such days emoticon_smile

Finally, I hope to become such a developer who'd provide smart yet simple solutions to large and complex problems. Obviously, working with XWiki is going to help me get there soon emoticon_smile