The XWiki SAS program at the Open Source Summit 2015

Oct 28 2015

XWiki SAS will participate to the Open Source Summit 2015 at les Docks de Paris, the 18th and 19th of november.

During this event, we will have some presentations:

  • Wednesday the 18th during the "Buy Open Source" roundtable. Ludovic Dubost, CEO and Founder of XWiki SAS, will be part of the talks. This conference will happen in the Auditorium around 4:15PM.
  • Thursday the 19th during the "Open Source Web Editors: a new initiative" workshop. Ludovic Dubost and Caleb James De Lisle will start presenting at 4PM in the Barcelone room.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to come to our booth in order to discuss with our team.
Whether you want to talk about XCS, job opportunities or simply about the XWiki Open Source project, we will be glad to answer you.

Benjamin Lanciaux
Marketing Communications Manager