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xwikicom.pricing.tabs.onpremise=XWiki On Premise Pricing offers OUR OFFERS Bronze Cloud Silver Cloud Gold Cloud Platinum Cloud €/month us any questions related to our offers or simply to ask a free quote, thanks for clicking on the button below and filling in the form for a free quote users
xwikicom.pricing.onpremise.standardproj=Standard Projects
xwikicom.pricing.onpremise.customproj=Custom Projects
xwikicom.pricing.onpremise.bronze=XWiki Bronze Subscription
xwikicom.pricing.onpremise.silver=XWiki Silver Subscription Gold <br>Subscription
xwikicom.pricing.onpremise.platinum=XWiki Platinum Subscription
xwikicom.pricing.onpremise.priceperyear=Price €/year

xwikicom.pricing.editbutton=Edit the pricing
xwikicom.pricing.contacttext=Contact us
xwikicom.pricing.xcstab=XWiki Collaboration Suite
xwikicom.pricing.xetab=XWiki Enterprise
xwikicom.pricing.usernumber=NUMBER OF USERS
xwikicom.pricing.peryear=per year
xwikicom.pricing.xcstab.text=XWiki Collaboration Suite comes with a package of services: data is hosted in France in a stable and secure environment question ? A problem ? <br/> We answer you as soon as possible
xwikicom.pricing.xcstab.stat.text=Optimize the use of your solution thanks to high-performance business indicators
xwikicom.pricing.xcstab.update.text=You will automatically receive the latest features of our solution
xwikicom.pricing.xcstab.button=ASK FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE
 XE tab
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.button=RECEIVE MY FREE QUOTE services data is hosted in France in a stable and secure environment Enterprise being open source, all our offers include the silver support question ? A problem ? <br/> We answer you as soon as possible
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.title=Choose options
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.goldsupport=Gold support
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.goldsupport.tooltip=Choose this option if you want to benefit from our priority support offer
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.ssosupport=SSO support
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.ssosupport.tooltip=Choose this option if you implemented or want to implement a Single Sign-On solution with XWiki
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.clustersupport=Cluster support
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.clustersupport.tooltip=Choose this option if you installed XWiki in cluster mode
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.windowssupport=Windows support  
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.windowssupport.tooltip=Choose this option if you installed XWiki on a Windows Server
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.oraclesupport=Oracle support
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.oraclesupport.tooltip=Choose this option if you installed XWiki on an Oracle database
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.unlimsubwiki=Unlimited sub-wikis
xwikicom.pricing.xetab.option.unlimsubwiki.tooltip=Choose this option if you want to create sub-wikis without limitations
Edit Tab
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.price25=Price for 25 Users (in euro)
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.price50=Price for 50 Users (in euro)
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.price100=Price for 100 Users (in euro)
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.price150=Price for 150 Users (in euro)
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.price250=Price for 250 Users (in euro) of Hosting  
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.goldsupport=% of Gold Support  
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.ssosupport=% of SSO Support  
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.oraclesupport=% of Oracle Support  
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.clustersupport=% of Cluster Support
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.windowssupport=% of Support Windows
xwikicom.pricing.edittab.unlimsubwiki=% of unlimited subwiki 100% = 1 , 50% =0.5)