XWiki network REST service configuration

USERNAME: The username of the admin user on xwiki network platform
PASSWORD: The password of the admin user.
RSHOST: The host the credentials apply to (The host of the Rest service, normally network.xwiki.com)
RSPORT: The port the credentials apply to.
RSPROTOCOL: The protocol to use when accessing the host.
POOL: The creation pool of the instances (demo-dev/demo).
INSTANCE TYPE: The type of the instance to create (xe, xe-staging ... etc), this property is sent to the INFRA with the creation request.

Make sure that apache does not unset authorization header for the XWiki REST Api.
This is usually the case in XWiki dev servers.

To change this just comment the following lines in your apache configuration file.

<Location /xwiki/rest>
RequestHeader unset Authorization

XWiki network Form google ReCaptcha configuration

GOOGLE RECAPTCHA SITE KEY: Used in the HTML code your site serves to users.
GOOGLE RECAPTCHA SECRET KEY: Used for communication between your site and Google. Be sure to keep it a secret.

Marketo french and english forms

Marketo French Form: Embed code of the Marketo french form.
Marketo Enlish Form: Embed code of the Marketo english form.